We supply and fit tracking security ,alarms and immobiliser equipment and software. Activated through a phone app, any attempt to use or move the vehicle, will result in notification to owner by text.

We also provide Fuel Management system and tracking software, are you staff stealing diesel or petrol… Monitor the fuel level in Live time.

Remotely immobilise a vehicle anywhere in the UK or abroad through our tracking security app. You can also add anti Jamming to the list rendering the vehicle immobilised. We believe we are the first and only company to develop such systems, always moving along with the technology criminals use to be a few steps ahead. Our systems are all hidden in different places and are non serviceable, meaning all the technology remains secret preventing criminals from understanding how they work.

We also fit Ghost Trackers combined with the above, makes for a super secure package. Ghost trackers report 1-100 times per day and protects against Jammer Gsm Sniffers.
Vehicle Security has fallen short, with manufactures failing to get a grip. Meaning most vehicles can be stolen in a matter of seconds, knowing your dream car has been taken and you may never get it back is a feeling you never forget. Our Systems works when you need it to, no thumbling around or pressing random buttons on your steering wheel to get the car to start.

We don’t just do cars, sports performance or agricultural, we do quads, lawnmowers, vans even Police Cars get stolen. Now they can all be stopped either when the vehicle reaches 15mph or a full on emergency cut out activated only by our monitoring station. Vehicles will all come to a safe standstill as we cut vehicle power to engine components, and power steering bringing the car to a slow and steady stop.

Immobiliser, Ghost, Jamming Equipment.