Things to look out for to protect yourself from getting scammed are. Do they advertise on their vehicle, what they do? If so os it magnetised sign that can be removed if so…. Red Flag ask them to leave. Do they have a website owned by themselves or is it one made by Yellow Pages. Is their vehicle stocked with various tools and test equipment. Can they fix any fault they find themselves or would you then have someone else to do it, this is a massive Red flag. Ask these questions if you have to on the phone if they have no checkable history Photos on Google business page or business premises again Massive red flags. We have seen it and heard it all to often, where customers have been told repairs will be more than the car is worth with no real evidence presented to the customer. Diagnostics is also a major importance, so many available from £80 to £6000+, we spend most of our profits and the most up-to date dealer level software machines, we are able to log into Main dealer site download software updates and flash ecu’s and bcm’s the future of all diagnostics. Ask if they can do dealer level diagnostics and also what there knowledge is on auto electrics, if they have none or very little see that red flag.

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