To safeguard yourself from scams, be vigilant for certain indicators. Does the service provider’s vehicle display advertising? If it’s a removable magnetic sign, consider this a red flag and request their departure. Investigate whether they possess a self-owned website or merely a generic one created by Yellow Pages. A well-equipped vehicle with a variety of tools and testing equipment is essential. Confirm if they can independently rectify any discovered faults, or if they require external assistance—this is a significant warning sign. Prior to engagement, inquire over the phone about their verifiable history, such as photos on their Google business page or physical business location; absence of these is another major red flag.

We’ve frequently encountered situations where customers are misled about repair costs exceeding the vehicle’s value without substantial proof. The significance of diagnostics cannot be overstated—with options ranging from £80 to £6000+, investing most of our profits into the latest dealer-level software machines allows us to access Main dealer sites, download software updates, and flash ECUs and BCMs, which are pivotal for future diagnostics.

Always ask if they offer dealer-level diagnostics and gauge their knowledge in auto electrics. A lack of expertise or minimal understanding should raise an immediate red flag.

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