Problem With Car Product “Clear Windscreen”

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Automotive Glass Automatic Film Forming

Our automotive glass automatic film forming technology is designed to provide crystal clear and perfect visibility for your vehicle. With this innovative solution, you can enjoy a clear view of the road ahead, even in challenging weather conditions.

Rain Proof and Fog Proof

One of the key benefits of our automotive glass film is its rainproof and fog proof properties. The film creates a protective barrier on your windshield, preventing raindrops from obstructing your view. It also helps to minimize fog build-up, ensuring that you can see clearly at all times.

Oil Removal Film

In addition to its rainproof and fog proof capabilities, our film also features an oil removal function. This means that any oil or grease that comes into contact with your windshield will be quickly and effectively removed, ensuring a clear and unobstructed view.

With our automotive glass automatic film forming technology, you can drive with confidence, knowing that your visibility will never be compromised. Whether you’re facing heavy rain, dense fog, or oily residue, our film will ensure that your windshield remains clear and your view remains uninterrupted.

inon Mar 3, 2024
this is my second time buying but it is so great and works a treat on my car windows I have a mini and the windows always squeeled going up and down but now silent
Patrick Shanahan
Patrick Shanahan inon Dec 30, 2023
really good product great price brilliant service highly recommend Patrick
inon Jan 10, 2024
Purchased: 120g
this works so well and taking the film off and stops the smearing from road film great bye thanks so much

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